How can I get my Hi-Fi unit fixed?

Every day questions about repairs and upgrades answered here.

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What kinds of work do we do?
Repairs, Upgrades, Modifications and Voltage Conversions on High-End Audio components.

What kinds of things do we work on?
Valve and solid state amplifiers and preamps, classic audio units, DACs, processors, CD players and transports, turntables, speaker systems and professional audio units.

What kinds of things don't we work on?
A/V Receivers, PC Speakers, i-anything, lifestyle systems, ghetto blasters, mini systems, 3 in 1's, CD stackers, headphones, car stereos, cassette decks, antique radios, anything with a replacement warranty or anything from Bang & Olufsen, Electrocompaniet or Chord.

Cost of Repairs:
A standard, up-front assessment and quotation fee of $100 will apply to all units. This $100 fee will be credited against the total repair cost. You will be notified of the total repair cost before any further work is carried out.

Every day, we receive phone-calls and emails asking for the cost of repairing something... Let's be clear – we cannot give estimates on any job prior to assessing the unit in question. In certain cases however, where the fault is already known or clearly apparent, the quotation fee may be waived.

Consultations strictly by appointment:
Your doctor, your mechanic and your hairdresser all require you to make an appointment - your friendly neighbourhood Hi Fi Specialist is no exception. We don't like turning people away, but if you turn up in the middle of someone else's appointment, that's likely to be the outcome.

Picking up and dropping off equipment:
Saturdays between 10 am and 2 pm are the ideal time for picking up and dropping off. Normally, you won't need to make an appointment to bring in a unit during Saturday hours – unless the item is very large and heavy in which case, we require notice to arrange space and or lifting equipment. Any other time, it is necessary to make an appointment during the hours shown on the contact page.

Note: Equipment must arrive fully assembled. Units may not be accepted if they are in any state of disassembly.

Cables and Accessories:
It is not usually required to bring standard interconnecting cables with your unit as we have a full set of cables in the lab. The only exceptions are when a cable requires attention or if your unit needs a proprietary (or oddball) cable to operate. Remote controls may only be required if the unit does not provide front-panel access to critical functions – or if there are remote-related problems.

For warranty claims only, you will need to provide the original sales invoice or equivalent evidence of the time and place of purchase. Owners manuals and miscellaneous paperwork are not required for repairs or modifications. If you do have a service manual or a circuit diagramme for your unit, that may be useful (unless it's one of the 20,000 or so we already have on file).

Attempted / Aborted Repairs:
Occasionally, we'll encounter a unit that someone has “had a go at fixing” before it got here. Sometimes, the owner thinks: “Maybe the other guy 'sort of half fixed it' – so if we can 'half fix the other half' it should be done for half price.”

Nothing could be further from the truth – in fact, we reserve the right to turn away 'half fixed' units... Why? Because electricity behaves according to a strict set a physical laws so there's a logic of cause and effect at play when electronic equipment fails and so the causes are usually readily apparent to the trained eye.

When someone without the necessary expertise to successfully complete a repair 'had a go' and 'sort of 'half fixed' a unit, the logic of cause and effect is obliterated and replaced by any number of illogical conditions that can greatly complicate the diagnostic and repair process.

Half fixed can cost twice as much!

Again, we reserve the right to refuse units presented in any state of disassembly.

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